Tinder: Who, What, Why, How?

“Communication technologies are the nervous system of contemporary society, transmitting and distributing sensory and control information and interconnecting a myriad of interdependent units.” (Grant & Meadows, 1) This is quoted directly from the book Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals. Communication technology in my own words refers to technology that helps people connect and engage with one another through electronic products/devices. As technology is improving, communication technology is becoming easier and easier to do. There’s so many apps, websites, and different ways for people to communicate technologically it’s hard to keep up. People nowadays communicate through phones, computer, tablets, etc. With so many electronic devices to communicate through comes the idea of apps, downloads, and websites that these devices have in order for people to communicate with each other. A specific app that comes to my mind when thinking about communication technology is Tinder.

“10 billion matches later, Tinder has changed the way people meet around the world.” This is quoted directly from the Tinder app description. Tinder is a dating app that helps people meet up with each other based on their location. Tinder is one of these apps that have blossomed into a new, successful communication technology. Sean Rad and Justin Mateen developed this mobile dating app, two 27-year-old men. TIME Magazine’s article on these successful men went into detail regarding how it first launched. In fall of 2012 Tinder was first launched in the app store mostly catching the eye of college campuses. The ages ranged from 18-24 and began to expand from that as the app became more popular to use pretty much anywhere.

Today Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps that can be found on a smartphone. You create a profile and look at other’s profiles based on geographical location. Tinder locates people in your proximity to make it easy to meet up and go on a date or just hang out. The proximity is chosen by the user, as is the age the user is looking for. If you are looking for someone within 20 miles and are age 20-22 the settings need to be adjusted to your preference. If you would like to meet up or go on a date with another person you swipe right to like someone and if you don’t have interest in him or her you swipe left to pass. If someone that you liked, liked you as well then it becomes a match. After that you send each other messages if you want to meet up and the rest is history. Below is a picture of the app itself.

Tinder is changing the dating scene. Instead of going on dating websites or hoping to meet someone when you go out, tinder helps people easily meet people who are close to them, are around the same age, and have similarities. The article, “Mobile dating: Romance is just a swipe away Tinders’ Romantic and sexual interactions,” brings up the fact that “Tinder is able to come closer to the basic human desires than other online dating platforms. The app has therefore created a new dimension in the discourse of online dating, reducing its negative stigma and becoming interesting to a new, broader and younger audience.” (Roeffen, 2) This is saying that Tinder appeals more to the younger audience as they, myself included, live in a technological age where cell phones are always in hand. These smart phones have apps like Tinder that make it easier and fun to connect with people. The majority of tinder users are young adults with smart phones giving them something to have in common and to feel more comfortable about using a dating app. Dating websites can be uncomfortable and looked at as a joke, but Tinder on the hand is a way to have fun with the dating scene while still being emerged in the ideals of technology communication. This is a new innovation because it can be used anywhere at anytime whereas other dating websites and ideas had to be done at a computer at home. It is available on the iPhone as well as the Android. Tinder is a new phenomenon that has positively influenced the dating world and is a huge success in the communication technology scene.


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